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Publications 2002

Galectins-1 and -3 in fetal development of bovine respiratory and digestive tracts: comparison of cell-type-specific expression profiles and subcellular localization.
H. Kaltner, K. Seyrek, A. Heck, F. Sinowatz, H.-J. Gabius
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Galectin-8 expression decreases in cancer as compared to normal and dysplastic human colon tissue and acts significantly on human colon cancer cell migration as suppressor.
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Structure-activity profiles of complex biantennary glycans with core fucosylation and with/without additional a2,3/a2,6 sialylation: synthesis of neoglycoproteins and their properties in lectin assays, cell binding and organ uptake.
C. Unverzagt, S. André, J. Seifert, C. Fink, G. Srikrishna, H. Freeze, K. Kayser, H.-J. Gabius
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Galectin fingerprinting by immuno- and lectin histochemistry in cutaneous lymphoma. U. Wollina, T. Graefe, S. Feldrappe, S. André, K. Wasano, H. Kaltner, Y. Zick,
H.-J. Gabius
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Association of galectin-1- and not galectin-3-dependent parameters with proliferation activity in human neuroblastomas and small cell lung carcinomas.
H.-J. Gabius, S. André, I. Gunsenhäuser, H. Kaltner, G. Kayser, J. Kopitz, H. Lahm, D. Harms, J. Szymas, K. Kayser
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Galectin-1 is overexpressed in nasal polyps under budesonide and inhibits eosinophil migration.
C. Delbrouck, I. Doyen, N. Belot, C. Decaestecker, R. Ghanooni, A. de Lavareille, H. Kaltner, G. Choufani, A. Danguy, G. Vandenhoven, H.-J. Gabius, S. Hassid, R. Kiss
Lab. Invest. 82, 147-158 (2002).

CD4+CD7- Leukemic T cells in patients with Sézary syndrome are protected from galectin-1-triggered T cell death.
G. Rappl, H. Abken, J. M. Muche, W. Sterry, W. Tilgen, S. André, H. Kaltner, S. Ugurel, H.-J. Gabius, U. Reinhold
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K. Kayser, S. Zink, S. André, M.-P. Schüring, E. Hecker, E. Klar, N. V. Bovin, H. Kaltner, H.-J. Gabius
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Glucocorticoid-induced differential expression of the sialylated/non-sialylated Lewis a and Lewis x epitopes and respective binding sites in human nasal polyps maintained under oganotypical culture conditions.
C. Delbrouck, H. Kaltner, A. Danguy, N. E. Nifant’ev, N. V. Bovin, G. Vandenhoven, H. J. Gabius, R. Kiss, S. Hassid
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Galectin-1 modulates human glioblastoma cell migration into the brain through modifications to the actin cytoskeleton and the levels of expression of small GTPases.
I. Camby, N. Belot, F. Lefrance, N. Sadeghi, Y. de Launoit, H. Kaltner, S. Musette, F. Darro, A. Danguy, I. Salmon, H.-J. Gabius, R. Kiss
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H.-J. Gabius
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The Sugar Code: functional lectinomics.
H.-J. Gabius, S. André, H. Kaltner, H.-C. Siebert
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Analysis of protein-carbohydrate (TF-antigen) interaction at the lower size limit of the protein part (15-mer peptide) by NMR spectroscopy, electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and molecular modeling.
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Craniopharyngioma: A case report and comparative galectin histochemical analysis. Histochem.
J. Plzák, P. Haninec, K. Smetana Jr., Z. Holiková, S. André, H. Kaltner, I. Kuwabara, F.-T. Liu, H.-J. Gabius
J. 34, 117-122 (2002).

Fine specificity of the domain-I of recombinant tandem-repeat-type galectin-4 from rat gastrointestinal tract (G4-N).
A. M. Wu, J. H. Wu, M.-S. Tsai, J.-H. Liu, S. André, K. Wasano, H. Kaltner, H.-J. Gabius
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Galectin-1 augments Ras activation and diverts Ras signals to Raf-1 at the expense of phosphoinositide 3-kinase.
G. Elad-Sfadia, R. Haklai, E. Ballan, H.-J. Gabius, Y. Kloog
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Defining the glycophenotype of squamous epithelia by plant and mammalian lectins.
Z. Holíková, E. Hrdliková-Cela, J. Plzák, K. Smetana Jr., J. Betka, B. Dvoránková, M. Esner, K. Wasano, S. André, H. Kaltner, J. Motlík, J. Hercogová, R. Kodet, H.-J. Gabius
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Differentiation-dependent glycosylation of cells in squamous cell epithelia detected by a mammalian lectin.
J. Plzák, Z. Holiková, K. Smetana Jr., B. Dvoránková, J. Hercogová, H. Kaltner, J. Motlík, H.-J. Gabius
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