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Publications 1999

Quantitative Glycohistochemical Characterization of Normal Nasal Mucosa, and of Single as Opposed to Massive Nasal Polyps.
S. Hassid, G. Choufani, N. Nagy, H. Kaltner, A. Danguy, H.-J. Gabius, R. Kiss
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Brain Lesion-Induced Alteration of Selected Phenotypic Properties of Spleen Macrophages and Their Partial Restoration on the Course of Foreign Body Reaction Against Intraperitoneally Implant Polymers.
K. Smetana, P. Petrovicky, M. Jelinkova, P. Zach, V. Nemcova, M. Jelinkova, J. Vacik, H.-J. Gabius
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Galectin Fingerprinting in Tumor Diagnosis. Differential Expression of Galectin-3 and Galectin-3-Binding Sites, but not of Galectin-1, in Benign Versus Malignant Uterine Smooth Muscle Tumors.
G. Schwarz, M. Remmelink, C. Decaestecker, I. Gielen, V. Budel, M. Burchert, F. Darro, A. Danguy, H.-J. Gabius, I. Salmon, R. Kiss
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Dissection of the Impact of Various Intracellular Signaling Pathways on Rat Thymocytes after Initial Lectin-Dependent Cell Association Using a Plant Lectin as Model and Target-Selective Inhibitors.
A. V. Timoshenko, I. V. Gorudko, H. Kaltner, H.-J. Gabius
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D-Mannose and N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine Moieties and Their Respective Binding Sites by in Salivary Glands of Sj–gren's Syndrome.
S. Steinfeld, A. Penaloza, P. Ribai, C. Decaestecker, A. Danguy, H.-J. Gabius, I. Salmon, T. Appelboom, R. Kiss
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Correspondence of Gradual Developmental Increases of Expression of Galectin-Reactive Glycoconjugates with Alterations of the Total Contents of the Two Differentially Regulated Galectins in Chicken Intestine and Liver as Indication for Overlapping Functions.
K. S. Lips, H. Kaltner, G. Reuter, B. Stierstorfer, F. Sinowatz, H.-J. Gabius
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Sertoli Cell Expression of Galectin-1 and -3 and Accessible Binding Sites in Normal Testis and Sertoli Cell Only-Syndrome.
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The Application Thermodynamic Priciples to Histochemical and Morphometric Tissue Research: Principles and Practical Outline with Focus on Glycosciences.
K. Kayser, H.-J. Gabius
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Eukaryotic Glycosylation - Whim of Nature or Multipurpose Tool?
G. Reuter, H.-J. Gabius
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In Vitro Influence of Lectins and Neoglycoconjugates on the Growth of Three Human Sarcoma Cell Lines.
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Experimental Lesion of Medial Frontal Cortex Mediates Inhibition of Expression of Carbohydrate-Binding Sites in the Spleen Macrophages in Rat.
K. Smetana, P. Zach, V. Nemcova, P. Petrovicky, H.-J. Gabius
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Galectin-1 and Galectin-3 Binding Pattern Expression in Renal Cell Carinomas.
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Dietary Lectins can Induce In Vitro Release of IL-4 and IL-13 from Human Basophils.
H. Haas, F. H. Falcone, G. Schramm, K. Haisch, B. F. Gibbs, J. Klaucke, M. Pöppelmann, W.-M. Becker, H.-J. Gabius, M. Schlaak
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NO-Dependent Regulation of Lectin- and Menadione-Induced Immune Cells.
A. Timoshenko, L. V. Dubovskaya, O. D. Karvatskaya, V. V. Zharkov, S. André, H.-J. Gabius
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Serum Albumin as a Potential Carrier for the Apocrine Secretion of Proteins in the Rat Coagulating Gland.
B. Wilhelm, A. Meinhardt, H. Renneberg, D. Linder, H.-J. Gabius, G. Aumüller, J. Seitz
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Ligands for Viscum album Agglutinin and Galectin-1 in Human Lung Cancer. Is there any Prognostic Relevance?
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Expression Patterns of Complex Glycoconjugates and Endogenous Lectins during Fetal Development of the Viscerocranium.
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Simulaneous Detection of Endogenous Lectins and Their Binding Capability at the Single-Cell Leven - a Technical Note.
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Differential Potency of Two Crosslinking Plant Lectins to Induce Formation of Haptenic Sugar-Resistant Aggregates of Rat Thymocytes by Post-Binding Signaling.
A. V. Timoshenko, I. V. Gorudko, S. N. Cherenkevich, H.-J. Gabius
FEBS Lett.449, 75-78 (1999).

Quantitation of Asbestos and Asbestos-Like Fibers in Human Lung Tissue by Hot and Wet Ashing, and the Significance of Their Presence for Survival of Lung Carcinoma and Mesothelioma Patients.
K. Kayser, C. Becker, N. Seebert, H.-J. Gabius
Lung Cancer. 24, 89-99 (1999).

Galectins-1 and -3 and Their Ligands in Tumor Biology. Non-Uniform Properties in Cell Surface Presentation and Modulation of Adhesion to Matrix Glycoproteins for Various Tumor Cell Lines, in Biodistribution of Free and Liposome-Bound Galectins and in Their Expression by Breast and Colorectal Carcinomas with/without Metastatic Propensity.
S. André, S. Kojima, N. Yamazaki, C. Fink, H. Kaltner, K. Kayser, H.-J. Gabius
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Synthesis, Lectin-Binding Affinity, and Biodistribution of Novel Neoglycoprotein-Liposome Conjugates Bearing 6'-Sialyl-N-acetyllactosamine and Lewisx Trisaccharides.
N. Yamazaki, T. Kokubu, T. Katsura, H.-J. Gabius, S. Kojima
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Detection of Sarcolectin-Specific Receptors Like the Cytokine Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor in Rheumatoid Nodules.
A. Zschäbitz, H.-J. Gabius, F.-Y. Zeng, T. Kunt, K. D. Martens, H. K–pp, H.-G. Fassbender, E. Stofft
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Influence of Dendrimer Generation and Binding-Site Orientation of Receptors (Plant/Animal Lectins and Immunoglobulins) on Binding Properties.
S. André, P. J. Cejas Ortega, M. Alamino Perez, R. Roy, H.-J. Gabius: Lactose-Containing Starburst Dendrimers
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Evaluation of Histochemical Anthracyclin Binding as Potential Prognostic Parameter in Small Cell Lung Cancer.
K. Kayser, G. Kayser, S. André, M. Altiner, H.-J. Gabius
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Coexpression of Binding Sites for A(B)-Histoblood Group Trisaccharides with Galectin-3 and Lag Antigen in Human Langerhans Cells.
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How to Spy Out the Rendezvous of a Glycosidase with a Nonhydrolyzable Substrate Analogue in Solution.
H.-J. Gabius
CHEMTRACTS (Biochem. & Mol. Biol.). 12, 762-767 (1999).

Bovine Heart Galectin-1 Selects a Distinct (syn) Conformation of C-Lactose, a Flexible Lactose Analogue.
J. L. Asensio, J. F. Espinosa, H. Dietrich, F. J. Ca‚ada, R. R. Schmidt, M. Martín-Lomas, S. André, H.-J. Gabius, J. Jiménez-Barbero
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Binding Sites for Carrier-Immobilized Carbohydrates in the Kidney: Implication for the Pathogenesis of Henoch-Sch–nlein Purpura and/or IgA Nephropathy.
A. Sediva, K. Smetana, J. Stejskal, J. Bartunková, F.-T. Liu, N. V. Bovin, H.-J. Gabius
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The Levels of Expression of Galectin-1, Galectin-3, the Thomsen-Friedenreich Antigen and Their Binding Sites Decrease as Clinical Aggressiveness Increases in Head and Neck Cancers.
G. Choufani, N. Nagy, S. Saussez, H. Marchant, P. Bisschop, M. Burchert, A. Danguy, S. Louryan, I. Salmon, H.-J. Gabius, R. Kiss, S. Hassid
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The 2.15 ‰ Crystal Structure of CG-16, the Developmentally Regulated Homodimeric Chicken Galectin.
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Determination of the Levels of Expression of Sarcolectin and Calcyclin and of the Percentages of Apoptotic but not Proliferating Cells to Enable Distinction between Recurrent and Non-Recurrent Cholesteatomas.
G. Choufani, V. Mahillon, C. Decaestecker, T. Lequeux, A. Danguy, I. Salmon, H.-J. Gabius, S. Hassid, R. Kiss
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