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Citation Report 2018

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Total of Items Published by Gabius, H-J (1981-2018):  842

Sum of the Times Cited:  26,343

Average Citation per Item:  31.3

h-index: 85

The h-index is based on a list of publications ranked in descending order by the Times Cited. The value of h is equal to the number of papers (N) in the list that have N or more citations.

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Top Ten Most Cited Papers by H-J Gabius
RankPaperNo. of Citations
1 Animal lectins.
Gabius H-J
European Journal of Biochemistry (1997); 243(3):543-576
2 Chemical biology of the sugar code.
Gabius H-J, Siebert HC, André S, Jiménez-Barbero J. Rüdiger H
Chembiochem (2004); 5(6):740-764
3 Galectin-3 marks activated macrophages in failure-prone hypertrophied hearts and contributes to cardiac dysfunction.
Sharma UC, Pokharel S, van Brakel TJ, van Berlo JH, Cleutjens JP, Schroen B, André S, Crijns HJ, Gabius H-J, Maessen J, Pinto YM
Circulation. 2004 Nov 9;110(19):3121-3128
4 Galectin-3 precipitates as a pentamer with synthetic multivalent carbohydrates and forms heterogeneous cross-linked complexes.
Ahmad N, Gabius H-J, André S, Kaltner H, Sabesan S, Roy R, Liu B, Macaluso F, Brewer CF
Journal of Biological Chemistry (2004); 279(12):10841-10847
5 Plant lectins: Occurrence, biochemistry, functions and applications.
Rüdiger H, Gabius H-J
Glycoconjugate Journal (2001); 18(8): 589-613
6 From lectin structure to functional glycomics: principles of the sugar code.
Gabius H-J, André S, Jiménez-Barbero J, Romero A, Solís D
European Journal of Biochemistry (1997); 243(3):543-576
7 Increased secretion of tumor necrosis factors alpha, interleukin-1, and interleukin-6 by human mononuclear cells exposed to beta-galactoside-specific lectin from clinically applied mistletoe extract.
Hajto T, Hostanska K, Frei K, Rordorf C, Gabius H-J
Cancer Research (1990); 50(11):3322-3326
8 The sugar code: functional lectinomics.
Gabius H-J, André S, Kaltner H, Siebert HC
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (2002); 1572(2-3):165-177
9 Modulatory potency of the beta-galactoside-specific lectin from mistletoe extract (Iscador) on the host defense system in vivo in rabbits and patients.
Hajto T, Hostanska K, Gabius H-J
Cancer Research (1989); 49(17):4803-4808
10 Galectin-1 is a major receptor for ganglioside GM1, a product of the growth-controlling activity of a cell surface ganglioside sialidase, on human neuroblastoma cells in culture.
Kopitz J, von Reitzenstein C, Burchert M, Cantz M, Gabius H-J
Journal of Biological Chemistry (1998); 273(18):11205-11211

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