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Publikationen 2005

Detection of new diagnostic markers in pathology by focus on growth-regulatory endogenous lectins. The case study of galectin-7 in squamous epithelia.
M. Chovanec, K. Jr. Smetana, J. Plzak, J. Betka, Z. Plzakova, J. Stork, E. Hrdlickova, I. Kuwabara, B. Dvorankova, F.-T. Liu, H. Kaltner, S. André, H.-J. Gabius HJ
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The asialoglycoprotein receptor clears glycoconjugates terminating with sialic acida2,6GalNAc.
E. I. Park, Y. Mi, C. Unverzagt, H.-J. Gabius, J. U.Baenziger
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C. Delbrouck, C. Souchay, H. Kaltner, S. André, H.-J. Gabius, G. Vandenhoven, S. Hassid
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Galectins bind to the multivalent glycoprotein asialofetuin with enhanced affinities and a gradient of decreasing binding constants.
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Transient expression of keratin 19 is induced in originally negative interfollicular epidermal cells by adhesion of suspended cells.
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Galectin-1 interacts with the a5b1 fibronectin receptor to restrict carcinoma cell growth via induction of p21 and p27.
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